5 Tips On How To Sell Out At The Hams Beauty Fair

 5 Tips On How To Sell Out At The Hams Beauty Fair

You’ve just purchased your booths and stands for The HAMS Beauty Fair and you’re wondering of course how you are going to make those sales to your target market but before we go any further, we want to assure you that you just made a wise decision by choosing to showcase tour brand to the thousands of visitors that will be present at the HAMS Beauty fair.

Now let’s get to those fire tips.

  • Be innovative: its good to sell anything and everything that comes to mind, however, buyers these days are more concerned about innovation. As a beauty brand, being innovative in your product, packaging, technology, branding, ETC, is a good way to make your brand stand out so, you may want to consider new ways to add value to your consumers.
  • Keep up with trends: Again, the beauty industry is fast paced with constantly evolving trends, so as a brand, it is only advisable that you keep up with the new trends to satisfy your consumers. Honest truth is that most customers that you will come across at the fair want to be a part of these latest trends and will go after brands that are up to date.
  • Examine your selling attitude: Come to the HAMS Beauty Fair prepared to sell out! However, and sorry to disappoint you, this won’t happen with a poor selling attitude. Customer is key and you want to impress them in every way possible then consider wearing a welcoming smile when you sight a potential customer, respond politely to all questions and reservations they may have, make them feel comfortable being in your space. Even if you’re not able to make a sale immediately, with your attitude, they will return to patronize you.
  • Let’s talk about pricing: Now, did you honestly think that we were going to leave this out? LOL. It is important for every entrepreneur to understand the role pricing plays in increasing sales volume. Don’t get us wrong folks but before you set a price, it is important that you take into consideration what beauty product you’re selling and if your audience are willing to pay for it at the price you have set.
  • Brand you! Just as importantly, dear vendors, we hope you don’t forget that overall branding is paramount.  

We hope these tips about HAMS Beauty Fair help you and we can’t wait for you to give your positive feedback. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to enjoy updates about our activities.


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