Trying to have your beauty problems solved through tests and trials will only make things worse, but how do you stay beautiful when the struggle with thinning hair, split ends, acne, stretch marks or even dry skin keeps giving you a reason to worry? Hang on let’s show you how you can solve your beauty problems by attending the HAMS Beauty Fair.

HAIR PROBLEMS: As image-conscious people, we are faced with numerous hair problems like dry hair, thinning hair, hair loss, split ends, and male baldness. Today, the majority of women are more concerned about their face and body than their hair, which makes them neglect certain beauty problems affecting their hair. However, with the use of the right hair products and consistency you can get have all your beauty problems solved as well. You have the chance to explore a plethora of beauty products that can solve all your beauty problems at the HAMS Beauty Fair beginning on August 27th to 28th 2021, in Lagos. These professionals selling at the HAMS Beauty Fair have the right knowledge of products that can completely solve your beauty problems.

FACE PROBLEMS: I find the biggest issues women seek remedies for are related mostly to their faces. There are millions of beauty products marketed out there to improve youthful appearance, erase frown/fine lines, clear acne, and facial wrinkles. The major challenge would be whether those beauty products are free from harsh chemicals, and ingredients that could be harmful to the skin. These days, ladies and gentlemen spend lots of money on beauty products that turn out to have a negative effect on their skin.  For this reason, it is important to consult a dermatologist about what product is right for your skin before investing money in them.  At The HAMS beauty Fair, a wide range of facial care products from select brands will be on display for sale. A team of experts representing these brands will also be available to give their trusted advice on the most suitable products to solve your hair needs. So, lovelies, if you are currently battling any of these hair problems, then you already know where to find the pros.

BODY PROBLEMS: The body is undoubtedly neglected most times because it is covered. However, the body is not left out from experiencing some beauty-related problems or insecurities such as eczema, cellulitis, stretch marks.  Most of these beauty concerns affect both men and women. For example, stretch marks happen due to growth spurts and this does not necessarily mean you are fat. Most of the time, these problems go naturally, so you do not have to worry or do anything about them. The HAMS Beauty Fair has created a platform where you can meet and consult these professionals to have your beauty problems solved.

 As much as you might have busy schedules and important matters to attend to, it is important to note that your skin undergoes several challenges during the day, some of the reasons might be that it is affected by things such as pollution, harmful UV rays, sweat, infection, and bacteria. Therefore, to have your beauty problems solved, it is important that you start caring for your skin so you know, attending fairs that help you network with industry experts. Also, with our beauty schedules and the hustle and bustle of life, we consciously or unconsciously ignore the most important thing- self-care. This exposes us to innumerable beauty problems ranging from hair to body.  We can guarantee that at the HAMS Beauty fair, you will have access to the right beauty products that suit your needs and have your beauty problems solved. For more information, kindly contact us at https//


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